Meet Your Booster Club Board

VP Jamie Morrisey 

Treasurer Ashley Fuller 

Secretary Melissa Tortorice  

Parliamentarian Anne Peters  



Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Booster Club Members 

GRizzly Claw
Rock Centamore
Casey Fisher
GRizzly Tunnel  
Matt Fuller
GRizzly Halftime
Mandy Hardin
Natalie Sharp
Angela  Cash
GRizzly 1st down
Alex Riggs
Luis Medrano

Grizzly Kick Off
Lindsay Nelson
John Mailloux
Araceli Hellums
John Jones
Jack Merrik
Delora Fuller
Shennel Cannady
Shobvan Dugar
Ashely Fuller
Anne Peters
Melissa Tortorice

Booster Club Committee Chairs

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above committees, Please reach out to with your name, phone number and committee chair you are interested in. We will be conducting our next round of meetings with interested volunteers on May 16th by appointment ONLY starting at 6:00pm.  We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your continued support of the Glenn Football Booster Club